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When you enter into a coaching partnership with me you can trust I will fully honor and safeguard your individuality while working with you to achieve your desired success.

Your goals might include some of the following:

  • A desire to develop greater self knowledge and know your worth.
  • Improve your personal and professional relationships.
  • Overcome school, work, relocation or life transition challenges.
  • Identify and move past creative blocks.
  • Increase your knowledge of ADHD symptoms and traits learning personalized systems for success. 

Elizabeth Karlton  BA/BFA/ACC  and Graduate of  the ICF* and PAAC** recognized, ADD Coach Academy, Albany, NY, USA

*International Coaching Federation 

**Professional Association of ADHD Coaches

Life with ADHD Coaching

Allowing for Difference

Often ADHD is perceived as negative due to a general lack of understanding  and/or because certain ideas and methods of how to “be and do” just hasn’t worked well for an individual or family.   Adhd does not mean less intelligent or unwilling -it just means not neurotypical and sometimes fitting into the prescribed "norm" of the moment or situation is a challenge.  Adhd traits also present differently from person to person.  This is why I subscribe to  "one size does not fit all".  Using the same tools,  the same methods, or applying the latest trends (without careful examination of benefit) is not a guaranteed system for success.

As I partner with my clients, we identify and note their unique qualities and preferences.  We build a knowledge base of  what they do well and how they do it well. Together we customize the supports and techniques which address the need at hand and demonstrate value.


*  You need not have a diagnosis of ADHD to enlist my coaching service.  Often people who desire productive and meaningful relationships with ADHD colleagues and family members are beneficiaries.




  • "Liz is a talented solutions orientated life coach with a fantastic knowledge of ADHD traits.  She has a keen ability to listen, an intuitive sense for knowing just what question to ask to dig deeper, and a way of getting me to talk about important challenges that I’m facing and needing help on.  Liz took my complicated situations or challenges and worked with me to come up with tailored actionable solutions that work for me!   Thank you Coach Liz! "  Darrin - WA

  •  “The coaching sessions I had with Coach Liz meant so much to me.  I’ve changed my outlook, my personna, and my whole demeanor.”  Kathleen - IL 

  • "From time to time ADHD Coaches seek out a colleague for coaching. Recently, I asked Liz to coach me through my difficulty with feeling buried under major distractions - making motivation really difficult.  Liz listened intently to what I said, and intuited what I really meant. She asked questions that clarified the assumptions that were blocking my progress. She is a kind, nurturing coach, yet because she cares, she asked some tough, insightful, and powerful questions that inspired me to realize my priorities and focus on what I needed to do to move forward.  I was grateful to Liz for her encouragement and her personalized coaching. I felt as if she were walking right beside me through the coaching partnership, even though I live on the East Coast (we spoke on the phone.) She inspired me, and I made progress."   Coach Liz - You are awesome! Thank you!  -Sheila Smyth, Florida               MAED/SPE, AAC ADD Strength Coaching   

  •  “Coach Liz has helped me to develop positive ways to achieve several really important life goals. She is attentive, very sensitive, and well informed and skilled in her profession. I was really lucky to find her, because she's a terrific life coach. I highly recommend her.”  Peter M. - CA

San Francisco Bay Area, Burlingame, CA 94010

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